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The image of a Klansman playing basketball popped into George “Ewok” Thompson’s head fully-formed, like an image in a dream.

What emerged was a series of paintings titled Revisionist History. Thompson (who came up as a graffiti artist) takes the race issues underlying professional basketball, and blows them up huge with confrontational irony.

Earlier this month, Bryant Gumbel called the lockout as he saw it, claiming that commissioner David Stern “has always seemed eager to be viewed as some kind of modern plantation overseer, treating NBA men as if they were his boys.” It’s weird that people find this sort of commentary shocking, when racism is the white noise underlying basketball at every level. George Thompson takes the sentiment, and runs it through a science fiction ringer.

The classical execution of these paintings only adds to their surreality. Whether it’s a portrait of a masked Klansman in the triple-threat position, or posing behind a biblical sky, the striking images create a thought-provoking alternate reality.

George "Ewok" Thompson



I Don’t Like Mark Kiszla
June 14, 2007, 8:40 am
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Dear Editors:

Re: J.R. a fool in danger of losing it all, published Wednesday, June 13th.

What right does Mr. Kiszla have to question whether or not J.R. Smith is sorry that Andre Bell, his close friend, died in that car accident? The suggestion that Smith is such a monster that he could not care, and the further stipulation that this is because of rap music, is far beyond offensive.

For a so-called journalist to mock Smith and Bell by suggesting that they would have somehow preferred it if Bell had died “outside a seedy strip club at 3 a.m., the way it would go down in a rap song,” is tantamount to slander.

Mr. Kiszla’s goes on to focus his ire on the lack of a public apology from J.R. Smith, but it is unclear why he thinks any sports writer needs or deserves a personal statement of regret from the 21-year-old basketball player on the day after this tragedy.

It also unclear is why, to Mr. Kiszla, a car accident is an indication that “Smith is a gangsta wannabe who got lost in a dangerous game of make-believe.” (There were approximately 6,420,000 reported car accidents in the United States in 2005.) Why Mr. Kizla thinks that it is acceptable to write this in a major newspaper is a much greater mystery.

Mr. Kiszla does not bother to back up a single one of these provocative statements, or bother to explain what any of them could have to do with Smith’s close friend’s untimely death: that Smith “tried so hard to live the lyrics of a rap song,” that Smith “flashed gang signs after making 3-point shots” (he holds up three fingers), or that “Smith was too busy drowning in a culture bigger than himself to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up.”

Worse than just being an unwarranted personal attack, Mr. Kiszla’s article draws the journalistic integrity of the entire Denver Post into question.

I hope that Mr. Kiszla and the Denver Post will realize the gravity of this situation, and issue an apology to both J.R. Smith and to their readers.

Jazz Fans

[Stephen] Jackson and [Jason] Richardson both said Thursday that they had been subjected to racial slurs from the predominantly white crowd of 19,911 during Game 2 on Wednesday night. Neither player would repeat what specific insults were used, but Jackson said they included a six-letter word.
– MediaNews, 5/11/07

I’ve always suspected that the Mormons’ disproportionate love of Aryans is the only reason Greg Ostertag had such a long career in Utah.

greg ostertag


1.Brandon Knight
2.K.C Ross-Miller
3.Trae Golden
4.Jackson Jeffcoat
5.Randy Collins

This is a list of the top-five ranked fifteen-year-olds in the country right now. Let that marinate for a quick second.

It is a list made by and for fat white guys in major high school and college basketball programs, who are always looking for a new edge in making the most money possible [millions of dollars] off of poor black kids. Of course, it goes without saying that none of the players will be allowed to see a dime from it unless they somehow make it to the NBA. And if they do, they better not shoot the ball too much. Otherwise, different fat white guys like Bill Simmons will write long articles about what a shame it is that the “new generation” of NBA players aren’t purely in it for the love of the game. He wrote an article about this last week. Simmons’ article concludes by stating, “It’s not a black thing or a white thing…It’s a basketball thing.”

Shoo, Boston Red Sox hats really are like KKK hoods, aren’t they?

young buck