JOOLA 3000SC Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA 3000SC Table Tennis Table Review - Is it worth Buying? BreadCity

The JOOLA 3000 SC Table Tennis table has hoisted its place in the hearts of many with its unique features. I wasn’t completely persuaded to buy this table as I was skeptical whether it offers great potential or not, considering its price. I bought it anyway, and I should tell you I was flabbergasted to … Read more

JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Review

JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Review - Is it worth buying? BreadCity

Being an intelligent buyer in a world of so many good table tennis tables can be somewhat intimidating. But table tennis table comes with one tell-tale sign of a quality table, and that’s if it was chosen to be used at the highest level. There’s no doubt that JOOLA is one of the top brands … Read more

KICK Legend 55″ Inch Foosball Table Review

KICK Legend 55″ Inch Foosball Table Review - Should you buy it? BreadCity

Are you a foosball enthusiast looking for a durable but beautiful foosball table that provides high-quality gameplay? If yes, then this is the foosball table for you! A few months ago I was looking for a tournament-level foosball table for my office when I came across this beauty. At first, I was a little skeptical … Read more