GARLANDO G-5000 Foosball Table Review

Foosball enthusiasts globally are looking for a sturdy and durable foosball table to play competitive-level matches on. I was looking for the exact thing a few months ago, this is when I came across the Garlando G-5000 Foosball Table, my very first thought was that the table would be expensive and not worth it but … Read more

Garlando G-500 Foosball Table Review

GARLANDO F-500 Foosball Table Review- Is it worth purchasing?

If you’re an amateur-level foosball player looking to get into professional foosball or just someone looking to purchase a high-quality, durable foosball table, Garlando G-500 is the right foosball table for you. The Garlando G-500 is a foosball table for amateur-level players. “It is quite expensive to be an amateur-level foosball table,” I thought to … Read more

GARLANDO F-200 Foosball Table Review

GARLANDO F-200 Foosball Table Review- Is it worth purchasing?

Are you a foosball enthusiast looking for a heavy-duty foosball table? Or are you someone that is looking to improve their foosball skills? If the answer to one of those questions was yes, then this article will help you buy the perfect and durable indoor foosball table. Garlando F-200 Evolution Foosball table is an indoor, … Read more

iPong Topspin Table Tennis Robot Review

iPong Topspin Review - Is it worth it? My Personal Review

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to play table tennis but no one to defeat? Such a situation arises when you either don’t have many table tennis players around you, have higher/lower skills than your friend(s), or you want to practice at home, alone. Table tennis training robots such as iPong … Read more

STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA Synergy ping pong table Review - Is is Worth it?

STIGA is a worldwide leader in table tennis, pioneering innovative technologies and products for over 65 years. In addition to being the largest table tennis manufacturer globally, their partnership with the best players and coaches in the sport, including the all-time champaigns Chinese national team, has earned STIGA the reputation of being the best. STIGA … Read more