Kick Solstice 55″ Foosball Table Review

Kick Solstice 55 Foosball Table Review - Is this foosball table worth buying?

Are you an intermediate player looking for a table with which you can enjoy a great game? Do you want a table that has extensive features for players to use as well? Well, if you are, then I have the perfect match for you.

Presenting to you the Kick Solstice 55 Foosball Table that will suffice all your needs and never disappoint. From a firm brand name to warranty, this table has indeed kept players’ needs in mind to make sure they experience the game of their life.

Moreover, with this table, I would say that you only need this one table to provide a game option for different players with different skill levels. This means that playing on this foosball table, gameplay can range from fun to challenging at the same time, which I love!

So with a table that is so flexible in terms of features and players, you know for sure that it won’t disappoint. Instead, it will last a long time and allow you to have a great time with your friends and family as well.

KICK Solstice 55″ Foosball Table
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Counter Balanced Men
  • KICK Brand Quality

Features of Kick Solstice –

Brand Kick 
Weight 58.97 Kilograms
Material Stainless Steel 
Dimensions L×W×H 61 x 35 x 5 inches

1. Aesthetics –

Regarding the table’s overall design, the Kicks Solstice foosball table has a design inspired by European models and a reliable overall look. The lack of frills and added accessories help maintain its originality.

The blue and red counterweighted foosball men add a pop of color to the vast expanse of green on the table’s surface. So with a table this lively, I am sure you will love to play on this table and experience a great game.

2. Sturdy build –

Should you get Kick Solstice 55 Foosball Table? My review and specification for this foosball table

In terms of build, the legs might seem less solid than if they were fixed on the corner and built like columns, but they are sturdy and stable. With the latest model, you also get table levelers, so your table can be adjusted even if your floor isn’t perfectly even.

Moreover, because the table’s surface is not made of a sticker, you don’t need to worry about it rolling up and ruining your gameplay. So you can play on a solid table with a smooth surface at all times with this table.

KICK Solstice 55″ Foosball Table
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Counter Balanced Men
  • KICK Brand Quality

3. Chrome-plated rods –

KICK Solstice has rods made of semi-solid steel that is chrome-plated. Since the rods are not hollow, they will endure a lot of rotating, pulling, and pushing. The chrome plating also helps ensure that the outside surface will not peel anytime soon.

So this means that you can easily experience all your gaming techniques thanks to the semi-solid rods that will easily endure long-term use and not wear out anytime soon.

Pros and Cons of Kick Solstice –

Pros Cons
1. No-slip handles for more comfort 1. Only for simple play
2. Both uniformed and counterweighted  men
3. One man and three men goalie configuration 
4. Durable material for long term use 
5. Superior quality material for smooth gameplay 

Here are the Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. No-slip handles:

For a game to run smoothly, the player must have complete control over the game and be able to hit each shot with ease and precision.

In which case, this table comes with premium bearings, semi-solid stainless steel rods, and no-slip handles that will allow you to make precise shots towards your opponent’s goal.

So these no-slip grip wooden handles provide for easy and secure handling, and because they’re made of wood, your hands would not smell like rubber either.

2. Dual set of players:

I must say that the counter-balanced men are a surprising feature of this table as they are usually found on high-end tables. They are made of a durable material which means they can withstand being hit by the ball many times over.

So the counterweighted men, in particular, ensure that the uniformed players do not get in the way, allowing for an easy pass of the ball. This also means you can play all by yourself and not worry about the players in the way.

3. Dual goalie system:

Is Kick Solstice 55 Foosball Table good for buying? My review and features about this table

At such a reasonable price, this table has many extensive features to offer for players to use and play with, which I love. The best part is that the KICK Solstice has both one-man goalie and three-man goalie configurations, complete with a ramp kit.

This makes it a versatile option where beginners and experienced players can both enjoy. Moreover, if you want to take the competition to the next level, you can use the one-man goalie system since there is less coverage around the goa, makings it more difficult for the player.

While if you just want to enjoy a game for fun, then the three-man goalie system will be the perfect fit.

KICK Solstice 55″ Foosball Table
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Counter Balanced Men
  • KICK Brand Quality

4. Durable:

Manufactured by one of the most trusted names in the foosball industry, you can be sure that the Kick Solstice will last a long time. The foosball table even comes with a lifetime warranty that you may not need because the table is quite sturdy and made of quality materials.

While the rods are semi-solid and the handles are made of wood, the players are made of a durable material which means they can withstand being hit by the ball many times over. So with a solid body overall, the Kick Solstice can be your foosball table for many years to come.

5. Smooth gameplay:

The Kick Solstice foosball table is suited for almost everyone because of its reasonable price, solid construction, one-man goalie or three-man goalie design, and corner ramps.

With its price point and style, this table is recommended for anyone who loves to play foosball and is looking for a table that provides excellent gameplay.

So no matter whether you have little skills or have yet to acquire them, this foosball table will be the most suitable table for you.

Here are the Cons –

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1. Only for simple play

I must say that this table has all the looks and features that will entice every player to play on it. The solstice foosball table is even suited for almost everyone since beginners, and intermediate players can use it and have fun.

However, severe and highly ambitious players will want to get a tournament-level table instead. So if you are more of an advanced player looking for a table to improve your skills with then, you can check out other options like Eastpoint Durango Foosball Table.

KICK Solstice 55″ Foosball Table
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Counter Balanced Men
  • KICK Brand Quality


If a part breaks, will I get a replacement for it?

Yes, you will get a replacement because this table is backed by a lifetime warranty period. So in case of any damage or defect with the table or its parts, you can easily contact the manufacturing company who will solve your issue.

They will either repair the part or replace it with a new piece that too at their own cost. So clearly, you have nothing to worry about regarding this table.

Can this table be moved around with ease?

No, I would not say that moving this table would be easy because it is not that light since it weighs about 128 pounds which is quite a lot, but it can be moved with the help of another person.

No doubt the weight makes it durable for the long run, but I would say that it is better to have a stipulated place for this to keep since that will be more convenient. But if you want a lighter table, you can check out other options like the American Legend Foosball Table.

Does this tale have counterbalanced players?

Yes, this table not only has one player set, but it comes with two kinds of player sets that one can choose from. It comes with both uniformed men and counterbalanced players.

Moreover, to provide a better gaming experience, the players are made of a durable material which means they can withstand being hit by the ball many times over.

Would you recommend buying this table?

Yes, I would recommend you buy this table because it is made by a well-known brand known for producing high-end quality tables, so customers get a well-made table and nothing less.

The table has a lot to offer for players and is very flexible in terms of usage. This is why I can say that playing at this table will only be a pleasure, making it a must-have.


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