JOOLA 3000SC Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA 3000SC Table Tennis Table Review - Is it worth Buying? BreadCity

The JOOLA 3000 SC Table Tennis table has hoisted its place in the hearts of many with its unique features. I wasn’t completely persuaded to buy this table as I was skeptical whether it offers great potential or not, considering its price.

I bought it anyway, and I should tell you I was flabbergasted to look at the results. One of the important things that I consider when looking for a high-quality table is the foundation, and the JOOLA 3000 SC has not left me disappointed.

All of 3000 SC features a sturdy metal base along with adjustable legs and also heavy-duty wheels. I’ve played on the Joola 3000 table many times. You should be in the know of the importance of the surface while buying a new table.

The surface determines where your balls drift and whether it provides a consistent bounce or otherwise. I’m thrilled to inform you that JOOLA 3000 has a high-quality 22mm smooth playing surface that is tournament-ready.

This table is treated to ensure that the paint layer is preserved and the performance is long-lasting. I was worried whether the table would easily wear and tear and the paddle or ball marks would show after a few trials.

But the attention to detail with which this table has been manufactured has given me a huge amount of satisfaction. At 7/8th of an inch in thickness, the high-density chipboard provides a fast playing surface which is treated with a special paint process developed to minimize the ball marks.

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Item dimensions 108” L x 60” W x 30” H
Folded 60” L x 30” W x 63” H
Overall product weight 275 lb
Tabletop thickness 0.875”
Color Blue
Base material Metal
Frame Material Metal



1. High quality 1. Expensive
2. IITF approved 2. Quite heavy weighted
3. No assembling is necessary 3. Doesn’t fold halfway for individual play
4. Easy folding and rolling for storage 4. Tournament experienced may have significant marks
5. Includes a high-quality Joola WM Net
6. Processed polyester coating
7. Easy to set up and dismantle

Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons in detail:

Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. ITTF approved table:

The JOOLA 3000 SC table is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), which means it is made within the standard of the game.

This factor allowed me to believe in the product’s authenticity and high quality.

2. Set up and dismantling process:

The table has an ultra-compact undercarriage system for easy setup and dismantling. The sturdy 2-inch powder-coated metal frame boasts 5-inch casters with built-in locking brakes and adjustable high levelers under each table.

As a top-tier centerfold, the 3000 SC provides a smooth mode of transportation.

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3. Top metal surface

The blue top is created with a special paint process that minimizes ball marks and eliminates glare. It has a processed polyester coating that gives the ball a consistent bounce.

4. Storage features

Review on JOOLA 3000SC Table Tennis Table - Should you buy the Joola table or not?

I find the JOOLA 3000 SC very convenient. With a secure locking mechanism, you can expect a table to glide in and out of plant position using its automatic folding system. In a matter of moments, this centerfold table goes from open to fold up.

5. Undercarriage Support

The JOOLA 3000 is rollaway. So, I feel even if the weight is on the heavier side, the wheels compensate for the drawback.

There are 4 oversized central wheels, out of which two are fitted with brakes that are so fun to operate just by the touch of the foot. The four corner legs are fitted with solid rubber levelers, which are adjusted by hand.

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6. Includes Joola WM Net set

A great thing that I find about this table is that it is supplied with a high-quality WM net. You don’t have to take the additional trouble of ordering it separately.

Every SC 3000 table comes with Joola’s long-lasting professional WM net endorsed by athletes, coaches, teams, and associations worldwide. Also, the JOOLA WM net set is approved by the ITTF.

7. Tournament experienced option

Should you buy the JOOLA 3000SC Table Tennis Table - My honest review on BreadCity

The JOOLA 3000SC, in particular, is the official table for all major US ATT events, along with being the tabletop at the Olympics.

One of the most distinct features that I find about this is that this premier table can also be featured in your home as they sell tables that have been used in tournaments to the public.

Look for a table called Tournament Experienced, and you can have your own table that has been featured in a professional competition. However, I would not advise buying the ‘Tournament experienced’ table as it may turn out to be a huge disappointment.

There are high chances of the table having light scratches on the playing surface and few large wide scrapes on the two legs. Also, the reason could be that it is either damaged in shipping or has come that way from the tournament.

8. Purpose of use

The JOOLA 3000SC is a table for anyone looking to play seriously on a competition-level table. People who want to buy it for recreational purposes are not suggested to go for it.

So, people belonging to the latter category can go for casual table tennis tables, which serve the purpose. Overall, the JOOLA 3000 SC table is wonderful. It may seem to be costly but is worth every penny.

It has lived up to my expectations by having high quality with good durability. It has been used for many international table tennis competitions, so it has to be the best.

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Is the JOOLA 3000 SC Table tennis table durable?

It is expected that it can be used for over a decade or more because of its good durability as high-quality material is used in making this product.

Can it be used outdoors?

The table is meant for indoor use only.

What is the table’s top material?

The top material of the table has a wooden surface.

Does the table require assembling?

Each JOOLA SC table comes fully assembled completely. All you need to do is simply unfold the table on a level surface and lock the wheels in position.

Can this table be used at a competitive level?

This high-quality table is engineered for high-level competition, which has also ensured a consistent bounce while playing matches.


In the article, I reviewed JOOLA 3000 SC Table Tennis Table. It required a lot of effort, time, and money. It would be great if you could share this. Also, do comment in case you have any queries related to this table.

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