EastPoint Sports 80″ NHL Air Hockey Table Review

EastPoint Sports 80″ NHL Air Hockey Table Review - Is this air hockey table worth buying?

Ares you an air hockey enthusiast and still haven’t found an apt medium to hone your skills at it? Fret not friends, we are here to help you scout out a suitable air hockey game setup that will surely polish your gaming skills.

Speaking of which, we have EastPoint Sports Evolution Hover Hockey Game Set in store for those who don’t want to compromise their love for air hockey. Above all, East Point is a reliable brand name that will never make you regret your decision.

As a matter of fact, EastPoint Sports Evolution Hover Hockey Game Set, 80-Inch is the best option to pick when it comes to selecting a durable hockey table. Moreover, this massive hockey table can be used and relished in the comfort of our own rooms.

It is rightly said that every choice has its own consequences. So, try to choose what is befitting for you. We know that you deserve nothing but the best. What is stopping you then? Read further to feed your curiosity related to East Point sports evolution.

We assure you that this hockey table will add a pinch of euphoria to your mundane life. After all, it’s futile to think twice before buying something that puts your mind at ease.

Not to mention, money spent on things that actually add to your happiness is money well spent. It is what it is. We are here to give you a glimpse of the properties of the East Point Sports evolution hockey table.

Specifications of EastPoint Sports

Dimensions 80 x 32 inches
Shipping weight 129 pounds
Features Smooth, scratch-resistant playing surface, automatic scoring, powerful airpower
Materials  MDF with GlazeTek surface coating
Board Thickness  1 inch
Manufactured by Eastpoint Sports:

1. Durability:

As a matter of fact, most parts of the table are easy-care. The inside is made of high-quality wood, though I have never experienced any problems with it.

That being said, there is always a chance that an errant puck might leave a scratch or two on the surface. In most cases, this is easy enough to ignore especially if you put a clear piece of plastic over the wood.

2. Game-Play:

Should you buy EastPoint Sports 80″ NHL Air Hockey Table? My honest review on this air hockey table

Coming out of the box the table was in perfect condition. It took about an hour to assemble. It really didn’t take much at all for assembly, I did help my kids with the screwing part because it is easier if you have two people.

The look of this air hockey table is great. It also comes with a two-line, 12-character LCD display that shows the scores.

Its clear numbers and letters may be played even from a distance, which is remarkable considering that it’s not an LCD monitor. But all these features make your gameplay super smooth.

My Honest Review –

EastPoint Sports Evolution hovers hockey game comes with double GlazeTek surface coating that is scratch-resistant and its air-powered playfield facilitates ultimate puck float for fast-paced action.

Not only this, the large leg levelers of the East Point hockey table are designed in such a manner that helps in easy and brisk adjusting for a level playfield. In this way, this hockey table can easily add life to your living or gaming room.

It goes without saying that East point has framed the structure of this gaming table with absolute precision, keeping in mind the comfort of their customers. After all, customer satisfaction is of utmost significance.

Taking the aforementioned fact into consideration, East Point Sports Evolution has added an in-rail LED Scorer to its hockey table. This special feature permits the Table Tennis Conversion Top to be placed on the table.

In addition to this, it offers an extremely efficient automated scoring feature and sound effects which enhances the playful feel and provides the player with a soothing gaming experience.

Its freestanding style will help you attain body flexibility and in turn, will sharpen your reflexes. You can avail this similar scoring feature by buying  Hathaway Phantom 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table.

Besides this, Fat Cat Original 3 in 1  is an impeccable brand that allows you to enjoy billiards, air hockey, and table tennis all 3  in a single buy.

Pros and Cons of 80″ NHL Air Hockey Table –

Pros Cons
1. Scratch-resistant and air-powered playing surface. 1. Legs have sharp corners that may hurt you sometimes.
2. Quality table for its price point 2. Pushers and pucks could be of better quality
3. Well-constructed and built comes with large leg levelers 3. Requires a bigger amount of space.
4. Automatic scoring with sound effects

Now let’s jump to the FAQs related to the hockey table. Worry not. If you are still skeptical about purchasing it, we are here to resolve every single query of yours to burst that bubble of doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this item durable?

Talking about the durability of this item, it is engineered in such a way that will keep it water and scratch resistant and the impeccable sounding effect adds a cherry on the cake.

Is this item easy to use?

This hockey table is a very nice addition to your home. It’s sturdy, easy to use, assemble, and moves well on the hardwood floors. It does have a vibration issue. The biggest positive for me is that my kids think this item was a great investment.

What are the dimensions of this item?

The dimensions of this hover hockey table are 82.5x 45.25×6.25 inches ( L × W × H ) with a total weightage of 129.8 pounds. The sound effects of this model make it stand out from the crowd and give a feel of an NHL game.


Keeping the top-notch qualities of this table in mind, it is a fair deal for those who ardently want to refine their air hockey skills. It is pretty conspicuous that having a marvelous hockey table at home allows you to spend some fun time with your loved ones because ultimately life is all about spending happy moments with those who matter the most.

This hockey table will give you that opportunity to make you and your dear ones happy. Trust us we say this, it will create a balance in your life and will act as a stress buster at the end of a hectic day.

Don’t stress too much and grab this deal right away because there is no time like the present. Thus, East Point Sports Evolution hover hockey table will allow you to wake your inner-child up and If it makes you happy, then it’s worth the cost. It’s as plain as that.

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