Cornilleau Table Cover Review

Cornilleau Table Cover Review - Is this table tennis table cover good for buying?

Cornilleau tables are excellently crafted for a personalized feel and experience for every buyer. The brand has established its credibility with its outstanding outdoor tables.

The Cornilleau 700X Table Tennis Table is one of the most popular outdoor table tennis tables manufactured by Cornilleau. With its weather-resistant tabletop and matte black finish, this table is preferred by professional and advanced players.

The Cornilleau 700M Crossover Table Tennis Table is another table tennis table that has added to Cornilleau’s marketability and recognition across the globe.

I recently brought an outdoor table tennis table from Cornilleau’s Sport Outdoor range. Soon as I received the table, I realized that it would be good to buy a protective cover for it.

The Cornilleau Table Cover (Premium Grey) is the best fit for Cornilleau’s outdoor tables. This protective cover is of premium quality and well worth the investment.

This is the premium, higher-quality polyester variant, which is far superior to normal covers. It isn’t particularly thick, but it has a solid and durable feel. The stitching is double-layered cotton with a diameter of 1mm.

It just covers the table’s bottom around the feet, and the stretchy fastenings are toggles rather than the cheaper version’s tying two ends together.

I feel the additional expenditures of this premium cover over ordinary PVC are justified. I’ve had it for approximately 5-6 months, and it’s still in perfect condition.

Pros and Cons of Cornilleau Table Cover

1. Super Lightweight  1. Only Fits Folded Tables
2. One Year Long Warranty  2. Does not Fit Tables of Other Brands
3. Double Layered Cotton Stitching  3. Additional Strapping Required
4. Strong and Durable Fabric
5. Safe for Children

Pros of Cornilleau Table Cover –

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1. Polyester Fabric made in France:

If you’re searching for a cover to use outdoors, this polyester cover from French table tennis manufacturer Cornilleau is a fantastic choice to take into account. It’s constructed of lightweight polyester and will do a splendid job of keeping your table clean, dust-free, and blemish-free.

This PVC table cover comes in blue or grey and is designed to fit Cornilleau tables. The cover’s width narrows from 85cm at the bottom to barely 25cm at the top (where the playing surfaces are close together).

With simple ties at the bottom, this Cornilleau table tennis table fits all Cornilleau tables and is easy to install and remove.

2. Protective and Durable:

Should you get Cornilleau Table Cover? My honest review and specification about this table tennis table cover

The PVC material seems solid and long-lasting, and the fit is excellent. The cover is ideal for covering the table outside in the summer, but it is not advised for usage outside all year. It provides excellent value for money.

This is the ideal size for a secure fit on Cornilleau tables, as well as adding an extra layer of kid protection and protecting your table from dirt, dust, and wetness. The cover is secured to the table with a method that prevents it from blowing away. It’s ideal for children’s safety.

3. Great Fit with Easy Storage:

The table cover folds up into a little package for simple storage when not in use. For any Cornilleau table, this is the finest cover. These are made to fit tightly around your table and protect it from the weather (snow, rain, sun, etc.).

The polyester cover will also keep dirt and dust at bay. The cover is fastened to the table using bolts. Only a folded (storage mode) table will fit under the cover.

The coverings that fit tables in the open (or play) position droop on the net and degrade over time. Cornilleau claims to no longer carry coverings for tables in the open position after years of customer complaints.

Cons of Cornilleau Table Cover –

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It’s just for foldable tables, and it’ll only work with upright designs. As a flat cover, this cover is not the best selection for you. The cover’s goal is to protect the youngster from dust and filth while also maintaining their safety.

This cover is not suited for protecting indoor tables stored outside since some moisture will get through. Although the cover comes with fasteners, more strapping would be necessary to keep it in place during extreme storms.

This table cover will not protect an indoor table from the elements. This cover is only compatible with Cornilleau Outdoor tables and will not fit tables from other brands and manufacturers.


Where is this cover manufactured? When the table is in the open/playing position, will the cover protect the table?

The cover is made in France and is of premium and high quality. No, a table in the playing position will not fit under the table cover.

This is designed to fit Cornilleau’s outdoor tables that are upright or folded. The cover is also incompatible with tables of other brands, including Cornilleau’s indoor tables.

Is buying a cover necessary, and is this durable? Is there a manufacturer’s warranty included with this cover?

It mostly relies on the buyer’s preferences. If you’re purchasing an expensive outdoor table tennis table, investing in a cover is a smart idea.

The cover is composed of polyester and provides excellent value for money. It is long-lasting and durable, with a life expectancy of at least two years. Cornilleau offers a one-year guarantee on this cover.

Would I recommend Cornilleau Table Cover?

If you have or are going to acquire a Cornillleau outdoor table tennis table, this table cover would be an excellent choice. This is a cover that I would strongly suggest. It is unquestionably worthwhile.

If properly cared for, this cover might last for decades. I would not recommend purchasing this cover if you own a table tennis table from any other manufacturer.

Furthermore, if you do not intend on folding the table after each usage, this cover will not be as beneficial as you may expect. If you own a Joola table tennis table, you should check out the Joola All-Weather Table Cover.


Cornilleau foldable outdoor tables may be covered with this cover. An indoor table will not be protected from the elements with this table cover. The cover features a fastening mechanism that keeps it in place. This table cover is made of durable polyester and fits a standard-sized folding table. The elements, scuffs, and dust will be kept off your table.

The table cover folds up into a little package for simple storage when not in use. The Cornilleau Table Tennis Cover protects your table from filth and moisture while also adding to the safety of your children.

With simple ties at the bottom, this Cornilleau table tennis table fits all Cornilleau tables and is easy to install and remove. This cover will only turn out as a long-term investment for your Cornilleau outdoor table tennis table.

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