Bread City Basketball


suitcases packed with cigarettes
new sneakers sealed in plastic
men hustling umbrellas
hoping for the storm to break

photo by Bonnie Natko


August 25, 2008, 12:06 pm
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Big tips, whiffs
of melting tar,
air conditioned
baseball bars.
Our car with no top,
no breaks belts or shocks,
got left at the beach
when the other shoe dropped.

long island city skyline poem
Photo via I Shot New York


Garlic knots just don’t get the respect that they deserve. You forget all about them until the day that you’re hungry but you’ve only got a dollar, which is about fifty cents short of a slice. Everybody knows that knots are 3 for $1. That’s the universally accepted garlic knot price point, and it isn’t going anywhere. The knots are putting in work every day, making the pizzeria smell good, taking up the empty space on the counter, soaking through the wax paper with oil and parmesan, and you’re going to tell me that they’re less important than calzones? Get that out of here.

Garlic knots were invented in 1973 in Ozone Park, Queens. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact location, because garlic knots were sort of a simultaneous invention, like the telephone, and they spread like wildfire. The goal was to find a way to re-use the leftover scraps of pizza dough, so it wouldn’t go to waste. The result was the most greasy, the most pungent and the most delicious $1 worth of food to ever get pushed over a cash register. Let me get 6, and sprinkle some red pepper on that too.


carlic knots

18-1*: The Superbowl After Party
February 4, 2008, 11:18 am
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The New York Giants win the Superbowl. People are going crazy all over the street on Third Avenue. High fives are flying everywhere. Little kids cursing out Tom Brady and swinging from scaffolding. People hugging people yelling people. We go past Red Sox bar Professor Thom’s and yell at the losers. Boston sucks! That’s what you get for cheating! That’s what you get for running up the score! High five ground zero. It’s a nice night too, mild. There are tears and beers. I also won a wing eating contest. So epic.


Soul In The Hole is one of the all-time great and most seriously slept-on basketball documentaries. It’s about NYC streetball legend Ed “Booger” Smith and his mentor, Kenny Jones. But more than that it’s just a beautiful glimpse at a summer in Brooklyn, circa 1993. Good early-90s hip-hop track, too.

I stumbled upon the full movie on youtube, subtitled in Finnish and split up into nine parts. Requisite viewing for anyone into: Hoop Dreams, Do The Right Thing, Block Parties, Finnish Subtitles. Whoever put the movie up on youtube turned off embedding, so you have click here to watch all nine parts. Peep it.


photo by Horatio Baltz

Brooklyn Basketball Game, 1963
October 3, 2007, 3:22 am
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brooklyn basketball 8 mm

8mm film still captured by Joyce