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The Lost Logo of the 1975 Giants

In 1975, the New York Giants were a team without a country. They were in the wilderness. Their stadium in New Jersey was still being constructed, and the Yankees (the Giants’ old landlord) had kicked them out to do renovations.

So the Giants had no place to play home games, and to make matters worse, they were terrible. Facing an uncertain future, the team did the only thing they could do. They designed a new logo: an italics-mixed-case-disco-racing-stripe-NY emblem of questionable decision-making. It was the NFL uniform equivalent of a drunk tattoo. It was awesome. And it only lasted for that single season.

The Giants ended up playing through the year at Shea Stadium in Queens. In 1976, the team moved in to their home at the Meadowlands, and wasted no time in changing to a logo that was NY/NJ-neutral. It was their banner through two epic Super Bowl victories. Here’s to one more: BEAT NEW ENGLAND!

best helmet ever


February 11, 2008, 4:40 pm
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I used to have a football blog, but I gave up on it after last season. It’s just been sitting there, catching crazy page hits and comments on two-year-old gambling picks, so I decided today to shut it down. But there is one thing I had to salvage, an interview with the guy who claims to have invented the D-FENCE sign. This was originally published in September, 2006.

sea-fence sign

Click Here For The Interview

18-1*: The Superbowl After Party
February 4, 2008, 11:18 am
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The New York Giants win the Superbowl. People are going crazy all over the street on Third Avenue. High fives are flying everywhere. Little kids cursing out Tom Brady and swinging from scaffolding. People hugging people yelling people. We go past Red Sox bar Professor Thom’s and yell at the losers. Boston sucks! That’s what you get for cheating! That’s what you get for running up the score! High five ground zero. It’s a nice night too, mild. There are tears and beers. I also won a wing eating contest. So epic.