Bread City Basketball

April 5, 2009, 12:21 am
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On my way down to the lobby
reach quick now it’s a robbery
Arabs rushing in
smashing the antique pottery.

Luckily we rigged
the whole room booby trapped
they look under the rug
and get blown up.

hip hop storytelling explosions

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The worst thing about everyone quitting smoking and all the state tobacco haters is the death of good free matchbooks.
What will the children do?
As a kid my parents had a big jar of free matches just like everyone else. I used to shave those match heads off and make bombs, rockets, and fuses with nothing more than cardboard, aluminum foil, and gigantic piles of complementary matches.

A true understanding of fire safety comes with 2nd degree burns and lost eyebrows. This is an education issue! Call your senator or something.

Comment by Mathew

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