Bread City Basketball



Jordan Masaccio Mash-up
expulsion from the garden of eden by Jason Lee/Masaccio

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Damn and a half.

Comment by yardbird

I am a catalan reader of your blog and i’d like to thank you for including the catalan translation in it. Regards!

Comment by Jaume

This pic is too ill. Iconic, epic, legendary, shit of that ilk comes to mind.

“In New York City, either your rich as dirt/or u gay/or u a pervert/or u fresh off the boat on a money murk/or ur paying for snatch/or settling for a jerk/or u immersed in free spirit type work/or u in a plush bar getting hurt/or your a celeb/or u two bum-ass kids uglier than ernie and burt/or u a hs baller hyped up after your growth spurt/or your doped out on oceans, tryna squirt.”


Respect tradition. The hype and hyperbolic lure may come with the territory, but Rice High School has continued to take homegrown talent to the higher plateau. Kemba “Eazy Pass” Walker, an instant lynchpin in the hellfire, speedball offense approach, was the latest.

Miami-commit Durand Scott, who recently capped off his career with a state title, could be the greatest.

Jermaine Sanders, who’s greener than a dope field but has shown serious potential, is already getting major Division-I love from the ACC and Big East.

Don’t sleep.

Comment by zach smart

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