Bread City Basketball


Soul In The Hole is one of the all-time great and most seriously slept-on basketball documentaries. It’s about NYC streetball legend Ed “Booger” Smith and his mentor, Kenny Jones. But more than that it’s just a beautiful glimpse at a summer in Brooklyn, circa 1993. Good early-90s hip-hop track, too.

I stumbled upon the full movie on youtube, subtitled in Finnish and split up into nine parts. Requisite viewing for anyone into: Hoop Dreams, Do The Right Thing, Block Parties, Finnish Subtitles. Whoever put the movie up on youtube turned off embedding, so you have click here to watch all nine parts. Peep it.

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got a nice title track, too, by Wu-Tang (‘from the parks where the gun sparks after dark/drinkin quarts on courts’). I seem to remember seeing some footage of his teammate tearing it up in college and getting a few highlights on espn in this doc, but I dont see it in the youtube version — did I imagine?

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