Bread City Basketball

September 12, 2007, 11:23 am
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Elephants in Thailand have done everything from fighting wars in crazy elephant armor to logging the forests so that cities and towns could be constructed. Their intelligence allows them to remember literally hundreds of commands, which was what made them so good for battle. Now it’s what makes them so good at balling.

Today a select group of Thailand’s 2,600 elephants, the ones not farming lumber or wandering the streets of Bangkok, perform shows for tourists at elephant camps across the country. The camps take care of the elephants and train them to compete in sports like soccer and basketball, play musical instruments, paint pictures and perform complex dance routines.

I can’t decide whether this is awesome or sad…but I’m leaning toward awesome.

CLICK HERE for video


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how could you do that to an animal? Ya its cute and i love elephants, but look how sad he looks. Thats got to be misserable for for him. How would you feel if you had someone sitting on you hitting you till you stood up and put the ball in the hoop?! Its crule, plane crule!!!!

Comment by Meagan

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