Bread City Basketball

June 27, 2007, 11:28 pm
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A huge summer afternoon with no sign of rain … elm trees in the farmyard bend and creak in the wind. The leaves are dry and gray. In the driveway a boy shoots a basketball at a goal above the garage door. Wind makes shooting difficult and time after time he chases the loose ball. He shoots, rebounds, turns, shoots … on into the afternoon. In the silence between the gusts of wind the only sounds are the thump of the ball on the ground and the rattle of the bare steel rim of the goal. The gate bangs in the wind, the dog in the yard yawns, stretches and goes back to sleep. A film of dust covers the water in the trough. Great clouds of dust rise from open fields that stretch a thousand miles beyond the horizon.

– THE OFFSEASON by Louis Jenkins

basketball heaven, sky, and light

photo by Ryan Gallagher

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Thanks for using my photo. Nice to see a few people taking advantage of the Creative Commons license I put on most things.

Comment by Ryan Gallagher

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