Bread City Basketball



A common feature of Zapatista gatherings—along with food, dance, music, and fireworks—is basketball. Both male and female ski-masked participants populate the basketball court while more senior level Zapatista commanders (including both women and men) meet in nearby tents.

-Charles Fruehling Springwood, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 30 (2006): 364.

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (ELZN) is a revolutionary group active in Mexico since 1994, when they tried to overthrow the Mexican government. When the coup failed, they established a base in Chiapas and focused their attention on creating a microcosm of a new Mexican society. In the Zapatista model, individual communities are responsible for their own sustainability and defending themselves, and the government has minimal influence over the country’s resources. The Zapatistas, who are mostly indigenous Mexicans, are not a political party; they want to reconceptualize the entire Mexican political system. Though armed, they have abstained from using their weapons since the 1994 uprising, and they give liberal arts students and Rage Against The Machine fans huge boners.

revolutionary basketball
Photo by Bastian

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You had a nice polite bio until the end there Hoss. Maybe consider the fact that Zapa’s are their own people and deserve to have control of the land they’ve claimed for themselves and should have the right to govern it as they wish. Sure I’m a American and take full advantage of the opportunities that Capitalism gives. But there is just something special about who work really hard to stand by their choice and beliefs… So at least say that not only do Rage and liberal art kids get boners, but they also get wet!

Fuck off

Comment by Dan

Dude, CHILL out. Since when can’t somebody make fun of liberal arts kids? I’m spreading the word about the Zapatistas and their love of basketball, a topic that is never written about, and throwing in a dash of humor.

You are a moron, and an Ohio herb with the shittiest design website I’ve seen in my life. Seriously, you’re not embarrassed to add that link? Hoss? hahaha. I seriously encourage everyone to click through and laugh at this excuse for a design portfolio. I could do better with Kid Pix.

I can’t believe this dude doesn’t have anything better to do than failing miserably to sound smart on blog comments.

Comment by Jake

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