Bread City Basketball


1.Brandon Knight
2.K.C Ross-Miller
3.Trae Golden
4.Jackson Jeffcoat
5.Randy Collins

This is a list of the top-five ranked fifteen-year-olds in the country right now. Let that marinate for a quick second.

It is a list made by and for fat white guys in major high school and college basketball programs, who are always looking for a new edge in making the most money possible [millions of dollars] off of poor black kids. Of course, it goes without saying that none of the players will be allowed to see a dime from it unless they somehow make it to the NBA. And if they do, they better not shoot the ball too much. Otherwise, different fat white guys like Bill Simmons will write long articles about what a shame it is that the “new generation” of NBA players aren’t purely in it for the love of the game. He wrote an article about this last week. Simmons’ article concludes by stating, “It’s not a black thing or a white thing…It’s a basketball thing.”

Shoo, Boston Red Sox hats really are like KKK hoods, aren’t they?

young buck

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Awesome! I realized something else about Bill Simmons today, too. He complains in that article about how players like Jordan and Kobe have made it all about the individual and not the team…That’s exactly what Simmons did to sportswriting! Before it was much more about the facts of the game, but since Simmons every sportswriter thinks that people want to hear about their personal lives and that it’s funny to make pop culture refrences comparing golf and MTV.

Comment by Jake

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