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Eddy Curry Goddamn
December 12, 2006, 7:36 pm
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I really don’t understand how Eddy Curry can be so fat. I mean the guy is a athlete, right? But man oh man, have you seen him try to get back on D? When Eddy Curry runs, it looks like he’s just strolling down the court. It’s like watching a science fiction monster trying to catch up with a bunch of little kids. He’s reaching out for them and he can’t get there in time, and the sweat comes down and the boos come down. It’s late in the third quarter now, and Curry’s stands at the foul line. He dribbles once, twice. Then he takes a breath and he looks up at the basket. He stands there looking up for a long time, and after it’s been at least three or four seconds too long, the crowd gets very quiet. Curry considers the moment carefully.

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Damm u mad stupid…
Eddy’z da mann
he aint fat..
hes just big…
did u see how tall he is??
so nigga.. think before u make fun of a guy..
watch u b fat.. right.
think twice

Comment by Shantelle

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